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Hearing Loss after an Explosion

An explosion can have a number of adverse effects on a person’s health, including serious damage to a person’s hearing. An explosion causes a large amount of energy to be displaced, creating a shock wave and a very loud sound. This loud sound may be powerful enough to destroy a person’s ability to hear, either temporarily or permanently.

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Losing Hearing due to an Explosion

The sounds that come from an explosion have the ability to ruin hearing. These sounds can create a reaction with the small hairs that cover the inside of a person’s ear. When these hairs are affected by loud noises, they may not function properly. As a result, that individual can lose their ability to hear. Once damaged, these hairs cannot be replaced or repaired.

Explosions may cause the following problems associated with hearing loss:

  • Inability to hear low-intensity sounds or speech
  • Hearing speech or sounds as muffled
  • Deafness
  • Ringing noises in the ear (tinnitus)

Treating hearing loss can prove problematic, as the hairs destroyed by loud noises may not actually be treated. Instead, a person may need to wear a hearing aid to regain some of the damaged auditory sense.

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